Timber Management and Real Estate Services

Timber Sales

Catered to specific management goals – Timber, wildlife, aesthetics, etc.

  • We give landowners advice on WHAT, WHEN and HOW to sell their timber and then look after the harvest to make sure they are getting the best deal possible to achieve their goals
  • We conduct  per unit and lump sum sales
  • First thins, second thins, clearcuts, and timber stand improvement cuts are types of harvests utilized to achieve landowner goals
  • We sell timber on a commission basis; the commissions  vary depending on the type and size of the sale

Prescribed Burning

One of the most cost effective tools we use to improve wildlife habitat, aesthetics and health of timber stands.

  • Costs are typically quoted at a per acre rate and may vary depending on burn size, season and complexity
  • Firelane preparation with a bulldozer is an additional cost based on an hourly rate
  • We burn throughout the year starting in the winter with young longleaf and continue through early summer with growing season burns; we typically burn 7,000 to 8,000 acres per year

Land Clearing/Woodland Mulching

Bach & DeVos operates two woodland mulchers with 240 and 300 hp respectively.  They ared used for tree removal, brush clearing, fuel reduction, landscape clearing, site preparation, understory treatment, privet control, road and trail establishment, field establishment and firelane establishment.

  • Costs vary depending on the job and the machine
  • We also have a bulldozer that we utilize for clearing projects that don’t require a mulcher
  • We have been operating woodland mulchers since 2004 and have over 20,000 hours of clearing experience!

Site Preparation and Tree Planting

 Proper site prep and planting is critical to long-term forestry and wildlife goals.

  • We make site-specific and species-specific herbicide prescriptions and procure all chemicals and contractors for application
  • We also procure all trees and planting labor and are on-site during planting to ensure a quality job

Understory Chemical Work

 Understory management is the backbone of wildlife management.  We utilize various herbicides to achieve specific habitat goals.

  • We make site-specific and species-specific herbicide prescriptions
  • We procure all chemicals and contractors and supervise the application

Wildlife/Forestry Management Plans

Land management planning is tailored to meet specific goals depending on landowner objectives.  Plans can vary from one page “bullet lists” with maps to book style formal plans.

  • Plans are based on specific landowner goals and objectives with detailed steps and associated maps
  • Forestry plans can include timber cruise, financial and investment analysis and harvest scheduling
  • Due to the time-consuming nature of creating these plans, we do very few of them and often rely on short, specific “bullet list” plans to establish priorities
  • The cost for a formal plan is fixed but varies depending on the complexity; “bullet list” type plans ofter are done at no cost


Mapping is an integral part of land management.  We use ArcMap mapping software which is state-of-th-art and creates very precise maps for all management needs.

  • Geo-referenced aerial photography is used to construct high-quality hunting and management maps
  • Property and hunting maps worthy of “framing” can be produced

Traditional Land Listing

Rod Bach & Ted DeVos are licensed Alabama Real Estate Salespersons and have their licenses with National Land Realty.

  • We have a combined 35 years of real estate sales experience
  • We are foresters/wildlife biologists first and foremost but we can and do utilize our expertise to help our clients with real estate transactions
  • Our licenses are held by National Land Realty because it is the fastest growing and most innovative full service real estate land brokerage company in the United States and we want to be able to utilize their strengths to give the best possible real estate services